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Eagle Freedom

14"x18" Watercolor

Original $500/Prints $90

By RHawk


On a an eagle’s wing, I do ride,

Along the land that I call home.

My protector is always by my side,

Wherever in this world that I roam.


From urban cities to the rural farm,

To the mountains and the plains.

Stars cover the landscape’s charm,

Cleansed by the blue field rains.


People have died and others born,

On America’s sovereign white soil.

The freedom we have is not forlorn,

Even in the face of a hard day’s toil.


In the mist of a battle the warrior flies,

A spirit guardian, the first people knew.

With wide spread wings and a fearful cry,

On the side of the red, white, and blue.

Cowboy Way

12”x16” Watercolor

Original $225 SOLD /Prints $75

By RHawk


As the sweat stained band grips a sun tanned brow,

The sun dances on the brim of my felt Santa Fe.

Riding down a dusty trail for a mid morning prowl,

To the smell of cowboys, leather, and hay.


 These are my spurs, on boots with a well worn fit,

Too much pride to change, this is why I won’t stray.

From the Paint I ride to the Buckaroo saddle I sit,

To the feel of cowboys, leather, and hay.


 Give Chance his head and his hoofs will fly,

To the clouds where the buffalo spirits are free to play.

To the mountains where the wolves howl their lonely cry,

To the sounds of cowboys, leather, and hay.


 From Zane’s Last Trail to Louis’ First Fast Draw,

These are the tales that will never fade or turn gray.

This is why John and Roy will always stand tall,

To the visions of leather and hay, my cowboy way.

Wind Dancer

12”x16” Pen&Ink/Watercolor

Original $175 /Prints $50

By RHawk

Eagle Warrior

12”x16” Charcoal

Original $150 /Prints $40

By RHawk

Long Horn Steer Skull

Ink Scrimshaw - Elk Scene

Price $300 SOLD

By RHawk

Cow Skull

Ink Scrimshaw - Elk Scene

Price $150

By RHawk

Cow Skull

Ink Scrimshaw - Sacred

Price $200

By RHawk

Cow Skull

Acrylic - Elk

Price $150

By RHawk