About Me

My Background


 Twenty two years ago my employer at the time asked me if I wanted to be their sponsored artist in a sidewalk chalk event in Orlando. I had never drawn that large before and considered it a challenge. Through all the rain, pain and mental strain I am still producing side walk art. I consider this a form of Zen art. You start with a blank sidewalk, create artwork and let nature (sometimes the festival) take it back to its previous state. Every festival gives me new techniques that are learned from the best artists in the world.

My Medium


I am a Sidewalk Chalk artist, but also work in acrylic, soft pastels, pen/ink and create digital images.

My Inspiration


I love Monet’s artwork and as such create my artwork with an impressionistic feel. Most of my creations have an underlining meaning for the interpretation of the viewer, animals and landscapes are the focus